This Mother-Daughter Duo Spent $86,000 on Matching Plastic Surgery

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This just took mother-daughter bonding to a whole other level.

Kayla Morris and her mom Georgina Clarke have spent over $86,000 on matching plastic surgery to look like their idol, British model Katie Pierce.

"We love having plastic surgery together," the 20-year-old and her mom said in unison, before Kayla explained that she and 38-year-old Georgina do "everything together," from wearing the same clothes to getting their lips done. They also started watching Katie on TV when Kayla was very young.

"When I was 11 when I was watching Katie Price, I knew I wanted a boob job from there and I knew I wanted to look like her," Kayla said. Her mom was fully supportive of that, saying, she was "pleased that Kayla wanted a boob job." In fact, she said, "I was gassed."

To pay for her surgery, Kayla started stripping and saving up the money she got from a "sugar daddy" at the time – all of which Georgina was okay with too (Kayla also paid for Georgina's surgeries). "We're living the dream," Georgina said. "We look how we want to look and we're having a good time," Kayla added.

And they're not done yet. Kayla and Georgia both want another boob job, a butt lift, and bigger lips, and Kayla wants a nose job. "We are a bit closer to looking like Katie Price, but not as close as we'd like," Kayla said. "Still a bit to go."


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