5 Things You Didn't See on the MTV VMAs

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It's the day after the MTV Video Music Awards and we're still recovering from all of the shocking, hilarious and epic moments we saw on the show (and we're not just talking Miley Cyrus' bare boob slip). If you didn't know, even though the show airs live, the network doesn't always air everything that happens. Since we had the opportunity to sit in the audience of the show, we wanted to give you the scoop on several things you might have missed when you tuned in.

Check out the five things you might have missed on the MTV Video Music Awards.

1. The Kanye Files: Kanye's speech was so long that people in the audience started off giving him a standing ovation and after realizing it was going to go on forever, slowly started taking their seats about three minutes in. The audience also erupted in laughter when he revealed that Justin Timberlake cried after not winning album of the year at the Grammys. There was also plenty of laughter when he shouted, "f*ck it bruh!" during his speech. That part was bleeped of course. When Kanye's speech was going on, the vibe in the audience was...this is hilarious, but...will this ever end? Does he have a time limit?

Speaking of Kanye, he also pretended to go to sleep in the audience when Taylor won her Video of the Year, beating Beyoncé again, who was nominated for "7/11." MTV only showed a small part of this when the show aired on the west coast, but he literally laid down in his seat and pretended to sleep with a smile on his face. This guy is gold.
He also really enjoyed The Weeknd's fire-infused performance:
2. Jaden Smith Always Makes a Statement: Jaden, who stood up in the audience with his fist in the air during Kanye's speech, was also spotted drinking a container of milk during the show. Where did he find milk when MTV was passing out glasses of water and champagne? We wish we knew.
3. Nicki's Miley Snap Was So Uncomfortable: Watching Nicki snap on Miley on TV is one thing, but seeing it live it a totally different story. People in the audience were literally shocked when it happened...it didn't seem staged at all. Some people's jaws dropped, others said 'oh sh*t,' and there was a lot of nervous laughter. After the cameras cut away from Nicki we did see her laughing post snap-off on stage, but that snap still felt really real.

On Nicki's way up to get that award, she also almost tripped on her dress. It took her quite some time to get up those stairs, because it was long and she had to be very careful about the way she walked in it. Twerking, before she hit those stairs, was a different story.

4. The Audience Shade: People booed when Fetty Wap won Artist to Watch and wasn't there to accept his award. They also booed when Kanye said MTV promoted the heck out of Taylor Swift presenting him his Vanguard award for ratings.
2015 MTV Video Music Awards - ShowThere was no shade, though, when Justin Bieber got emotional after his performance...and he took longer than what was shown on TV to pull himself together. He stood up with his hands over his face, kneeled down, then crouched down...and was there even after cameras cut away from him. After he was removed from his harness (which helped him "fly" during his performance), Justin gave audience members surrounding the stage high fives.
2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet5. Before the Show: Vanessa Hudgens was obsessed with the 'Pupparazzi Pen' - the pen that adorable puppies from the Shelter Pet Project were placed in on the red carpet (they were dressed up like music stars too). While other stars played with the puppies for a few minutes and kept it moving, she completely stopped doing red carpet interviews and stayed there for at least 30-40 minutes playing with them. She also gave her boyfriend Austin Butler a sweet smooch on the lips with the one of the puppies still in her arms. She seriously couldn't get enough of them...we wouldn't be surprised if she adopted one of those cuties.

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