Demi Lovato and Kathy Griffin Feud Heats Up After VMA Performance Diss

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It sounds like there's still beef between Demi Lovato and Kathy Griffin – and we thought that was ancient history, tbh.

With the MTV Video Music Awards last night, however, it seems Kathy had something to say about Demi's "Cool for the Summer" performance. And Demi wasn't going to take the comment lying down either.

Kathy fired off a tweet accusing Demi of lip syncing her VMAs performance: "Demi's live singing was very obviously live if you know I'm saying. And then the rest of the track or tracks. #atleastshesang-ish."


Demi fired back: "Happy 2 see ur still stanning me @kathygriffin. Dont worry, my new album is out Oct 16. But u prob already knew that."

Kathy joked back: "I was STANDING next 2u when I received my #dosomething award."

You may recall last year that, during a Twitter chat, Kathy called Demi the "biggest douche celebrity" she's ever met, which set off a firestorm of hate from Demi fans. Btdubs, Kathy was slamming everyone at the VMAs, including this dig at Taylor Swift and Nicki no one was spared, really: demi lovato vmas gif
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