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Recipe: Lemon Meringue Pie Just Like Mum Used to Make

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For as long as I can remember (and even before that), my mum has always baked lemon meringue pie for especial occasions, such as for my grandma in Mother's Day or when all the family came together to celebrate her birthday. This year, I decided to bake it for my mom on Mother's Day as this was the first year she didn't have an "excuse" to bake it. My dad, my sisters and their boyfriends said the pie was delicious and even my mum said she thought I had done it way better than her!!

Without further ado, here's my mum's lemon meringue pie recipe:

hola le hice un pie a mi mami ☺️

Una foto publicada por frani 🐱 (@heyitsfranp) el

Ingredients* [measured in cups, tablespoons and grams]

-2 cups self-rising flour (or all purpose flour + baking powder)
-1 egg
-125 g unsalted butter (or margarine!)
-3 tbsp sugar

-2 cans sweet-condensed milk
-fresh juice from 3 or 4 lemons
-2 egg yolks (save the whites for the meringue!)

-2 egg whites (you can add one more depending on how much meringue you want-I use three)
-1 cup of sugar

For the pastry, start by putting the flour, egg, butter and sugar in a bowl and start mixing with a spoon until you feel it's all well mixed. Then you can start working it with your hands on the same bowl or on a lightly floured surface. Gather together until smooth, and it doesn't stick to your hands. "Grease" your baking dish (apparently mine is 7" x 11") with butter and start placing the pastry evenly, make sure there are no holes and that you cover the edges, too (if it is not working and the pastry is not even, you can take it out, add about 2 tbsp of milk, and it should get smoother). Put it in the oven on medium heat and bake for 15-20 minutes.

While the pastry bakes, empty the sweet-condensed milk in a bowl and add the fresh lemon juice. Stir with a fork until it is all even, then add the yolks and mix them in. When the pastry is ready, take it out of the oven, add the filling and bake again for 15-20 minutes.

While this bakes, it's time to make the meringue. Put the whites to a bowl and start mixing with your stand mixer or a whisk until they are nice and fluffy. Now start adding the sugar gradually while mixing. The whites should start to harden and look a little bit like this. Take your pastry and filling out of the oven, start adding the meringue from side to side and start spreading it carefully, when you have a base you can add the rest on the center and start working it to the sides. Bake for another 15 minutes or until it starts to look golden.

And it's done! Now you can let it cool or just eat it right away because it's too delicious to wait so much. Share it with your family, your friends, or yourself! Hope you like it. xx

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