The 5 Biggest Challenges of Going Braless

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I'm a woman who hates bras. I feel like all women secretly hate bras. By the end of the day they're so uncomfortable, you audibly sigh relief when you get home, walk in the door, and whip it out of your sleeve. Constricting and pinching, bras certainly are a bane on any breast that enjoys a free and unimpeded life. Perhaps we should burn them, not as a sign of feminism (although that's okay too), but as a sign that we won't take underwire poking into our armpits, straps cutting into our shoulders, and lace making us itchy after a long day any more.

I often go braless, which can be quite challenging at times as I have large, D-sized breasts. But no matter how big the challenges of going braless, I still find those preferable to the woes of actually wearing a bra. In fact, a French study found that bras are a "false necessity" as a test on women ages 18-35 revealed that not wearing a bra actually encouraged the body to grown extra muscle tissue to form "natural support." So there's legitimate evidence to suggest that us braless wonders have the right idea after all. Despite having genius foresight and amazing mammary freedom, here are some of the challenges you might face if you too, decide to go braless:

1. Running Is the Worst

All is fine and dandy when you're braless until you have to start running. Maybe you're goofing around with friends; maybe you're at a picnic and someone pulls out a frisbee or ball; maybe you're trying to catch the bus or the train. There are so many scenarios in which unexpected running will have your boobs bouncing around in all kinds of uncomfortable, and sometimes painful, ways when you're going braless. And then there's the extra awkward "holding boobs while running" look, which, admittedly, will probably make you giggle when you think about how ridiculously you must look rushing along and cupping your breasts.

2. It's Hard When It's Cold...

A sudden chill or burst of cold air is the braless woman's worst enemy. Where wearing a bra would disguise any kind of, ahem, hardening nipple action in cold climates, bralessness does not bode well for the suddenly chilly. It's stiff titties for ladies without bras when the temperature drops!

3. Unwanted Rubbing Can Be Painful

When your breasts are clothed in a bra, everything is safely stowed away. When you're braless, your skin is constantly rubbing on your clothes, especially when you're wearing something loose fitting. All the rubbing can cause painful symptoms like nipple chafing, or worst case scenario, a temporary skin tag to appear. As someone who has had the latter happen, I can tell you it stings. A lot.

4. You Might Accidentally Flash Someone

Not wearing a bra can be a bold choice simply because in certain outfits, you might be prone to accidentally flashing people, especially if you go sans double-sided tape as well. For instance: a sudden gust of wind might send a flowy top flying into your face, exposing the girls. Or maybe you're wearing a low-cut top and simply bending the wrong way while reaching for something will cause something else to inadvertently slip out. The danger of bralessness is that it leaves you vulnerable to showing more skin than you ever intended to. Alas, it's a risk we take.

5. People Might Judge You

Blergh, can we just be done with judging other people for trivial things already? The unfortunate aspect of our society and culture is that people will judge you based on your appearance, even though we inherently know that to be wrong. People might assume you're sloppy or lazy for not wearing a bra. Others might see you as a "slut" or "un-lady like" some other kind of mythical stereotype of a woman. Be prepared to notice judgmental glances, but be just as prepared to dismiss them. You're entitled to dress however you please, because you are strong and beautiful and fabulous, and no one else has any right to try and make you feel otherwise. Meanwhile, the only thing that going braless says about you is that you're someone who finds bras to be quite restrictive and uncomfortable physically. And you can take it from me, there are a lot of like-minded women out there, and in fact, anyone judging you is probably just cranky because their bra is too tight. If you were wearing a bra, you'd be cranky too.


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