College Professors Try to Decode Slang and Fail Gloriously

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Usually we're worried about teachers giving us a big, fat "fail," but this time it was them failing - and they failed SO hard, you can't help but love 'em for it.

Some of the professors from Lehigh University tried to guess what some of these millenial slang terms meant, and for some reason they allowed it to be filmed for our viewing pleasure.

Here are the terms they tried to translate, along with our favorite (failed) interpretations of each:

FOMO: Father's Out, Mother's Out. One teach totally knew it, though, because she'd read an article on it. There was an article on FOMO? Like an actual educational research piece?

Slay: Going to slay a dragon.

On Fleek: Our favorite was by far the guy who said "on flack" and it just spiraled downward from there. One professor was told that he was on fleek and he had a moment of panic because he was not yet signed up to that social network. Another professor just felt bad for "Fleek" because everyone is on him.

Mupload: Everyone seemed to think this had to do with the Muppets. Possibly them uploading things to the internet.

Bae: One professor actually used to work for Bae, but he wasn't dating his boss, he worked for a company called BAE Systems...for a whole year. That's a fairly serious commitment with Bae. Another professor thought it was an abbreviation for Beyonce - not a bad guess, buddy, but that's "Bey" - then someone explained it to him.

Well done, professors, you all get an "A" for effort.

(h/t Cosmopolitan)
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