Demi Lovato Defends Justin Bieber Crying at VMAs: Why He Broke Down

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Demi Lovato sat down for an interview with Jimmy Kimmel one day after the VMAs, so of course, conversation steered that way for part of their chat. Check out Demi's thoughts on the beef between Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj, Kanye West's speech, and Justin Bieber breaking down at the Video Music Awards.

It's all glossed over pretty quickly and Demi is not about throwing shade or talking trash, bless her queen heart.

On Miley and Nicki's feud, Demi says, "I'm Switzerland." Best. Answer. Ever.

She totally understands where Justin was coming from when he broke down crying after his VMAs performance too (Jimmy thought it was all fake), explaining, "If you were Justin Bieber for that many years, you might celebrate if people booed you for so long, and then they cheered. I would be happy."

Demi also dished on some of her post VMAs fun, which included sweatpants and pizza with Iggy Azalea. You know, no big deal. She explained, "All we did was we went back, we ate pizza, and watched the VMAs back, and basically was like, 'What the f**k happened?!"

We were right there with you, Demi.
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