Kylie Jenner Cops to Having Eyelash Extensions and Then Changes Her Mind

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The one bad thing about everyone being obsessed with everything Kylie Jenner's appearance is that she can't even make subtle changes without people calling her out as if it's some big scandal.

When she had temporary fillers put in her lips, she tried to just do it and fly under the radar with it, but that's not possible when you have 34 million Instagram followers and paparazzi documenting your every move. At first she tried to chalk it up to over-lining her lips and after the internet became literally obsessed with trying to copy the look, she eventually copped to getting fillers.

Now, the new obsession is with Kylie's lashes and when the reality star tried to post a "no makeup Monday" pic on Instagram, people freaked out saying it didn't count because she has lip fillers and because they accused her of having eyelash extensions, which we thought was pretty much a given. Here's a pic of her lashes at the VMAs this weekend...
2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals
At first, Kylie totally owned it and shared the pic below, writing, "yes I have eyelash extensions" and thanked her lash expert, who regrammed the pic, along with the original caption:

For some reason, Kylie changed her mind about the lash extension confession and changed the photo caption to a simple smiley face.


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

We have mixed emotions about that. We loved that she took the "there's no shame in my game" approach and copped to the lash extensions (because what's wrong with lash extensions, anyway?) and then we were kind of bummed when she changed the caption, but at the same time, maybe she just decided that she didn't owe anybody any explanations, which is a pretty boss move.

All that we can hope is that this doesn't start a #KylieJennerLashChallenge we really need to even explain why?


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