This Guy Hacked His Parents' iPhones and This Is the Result

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We all know the answer to the "can I have a party?" question, but for whatever reason, we keep asking our parents anyway because maybe, just maybe they'll cave and say 'yes.'

This guy wasn't taking any chances, though. He already knew they were going to say 'no,' so he took matters into his own hands and thanks to a quick "fix" on both of their iPhones, he got the answer he wanted.

All he did was change his mom's phone to autocorrect to "HELL YES" every time she typed "no" and he changed his dad's phone to say "WHERE THE B**CHES AT" every time HE wrote "no." The result is this glorious group message:
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Something tells us he didn't get to have his party, but you've gotta give him credit for trying!

The whole thing is ten times funnier because we've all been there when autocorrect keeps changing a word and you JUST can't get it to leave you alone. You backspace, you type, you backspace again, you re-type and the freaking thing still insists on changing it back to what it thinks you're trying to say.

Eventually, you have to just give in and send your friend the "what the duck" because you realize this is a war you aren't going to win.

Hopefully this guy's parents weren't doing any work on their phones that day because some of their co-workers probably received some pretty interesting emails!
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