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AP Refers to Amal Clooney as 'Wife of an Actor'

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Is sexism in the media still an issue? "The wife of an actor" was recently used to describe Amal Clooney. Who is she really? An activist, author and lawyer. With a degree from New York University Law School and the champion of countless of notable cases, she is still referred to as the "wife of an actor." Why is this an issue? Who cares? Ask yourself this: When was the last time a notable male figure was pegged as "just a woman's husband"?

If you can't remember an instance when a man was presented like this, you aren't alone. This is an alarmingly prevalent. Bloggers recently praised Ariana Grande, for instance, for calling out the media for referring to her as "Big Sean's ex." Just because some women in the media stand against this, that doesn't mean all do. In fact, some women don't even know this is a passive form of sexism.
Let me be clear: This is a disgusting act of sexism in our society and should not be handled lightly. Amal is the epitome of a strong woman - a women who does not let barriers stand in her way. She's an activist, mentor, lawyer, wife, friend and whoever the hell she wants to be. Attention all men in the media: This is unacceptable and we are the generation who will not let sexism continue. Amal, like many women being taken for granted in the industry, is much more than she is given credit for. She is not someone's wife, she is a woman. A strong, courageous, educated and ambitious woman.
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