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Back-to-School: New Year, New You

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It has been a long, warm, exciting summer filled with beach days and barbecues over some pool time fun. Now, sadly, it has to come to an end. Usually, by the final week of summer, many of us are actually (and surprisingly) a little excited to go back to school. Although we aren't as excited as our parents are when the time comes, something about heading back to school to begin a new year seems like a crossover feeling of nervous anxiety along with exhilaration and thrill - sort of like that moment when you are just about to plummet down the height of a roller coaster.

When asked, most teenagers or children will say that their favorite part of going back to school is seeing their old friends again from last year. The first week of school always involves a lot of reunions between friends as well as students with their previous teachers with whom they have created a bond. After all the hellos, come the "news." The new classes, new teachers and new possibilities that come with the new school year.

I've had the unique position of working at an elementary school last year and returning to it again this year. As summer ended, I couldn't wait to see how the students I worked with had been. I hoped they had all continued reading, of course, but also that they had a fun and safe summer and would keep up their progress when they went on to their next grade level. Upon arrival, I felt so glad to see them as they rushed to give me hugs, tripping over their brand new backpacks filled with Marvel- and Frozen-themed school supplies.

This experience, in addition to my own, brought the beginning of a new school year into a new light. What is my favorite thing about going back to school? I think we can all agree that going back to school may come with more work, and sure, by March, we will all be itching for summer again. Yet before all of that happens, the beginning of the school year comes with a combination of old reunions and new beginnings. When you go back to school after a summer apart, you grow from the changes that happened over summer and start over with the old and the new. Anything is possible once that first school bell rings, but you still have comforting friends and familiar faces to experience all of the new possibilities with, as you make more friends and experiences along the way.

The best part of going back to school is having a chance to have the best of both worlds. You want to try out for that new team or opportunity? Go for it! You have the support of your old friends and the chance to meet new ones. Thinking of taking an interesting class this year? You can! You can do anything, and the beginning of the year, with all the friends, experiences and connections by your side and all of the possibilities ahead, is the best time to start.
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