It's 'Summer Forever' According to Megan Nicole!

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YouTube sensation Megan Nicole pretty much does it all. Besides boasting a casual 3.2 million subscribers and totally slaying the fashion game, she is currently on the Sweet Dreams Tour and promoting her first movie, Summer Forever. We got to interview the 21-year-old for AOL BUILD (make sure to peep the video above to see what she said her tour bus reminds her of 😂) and asked her a few extra questions afterward.
Megan NicoleCAMBIO: Tell us all about your first film, Summer Forever, and how you were involved.
MEGAN NICOLE: Summer Forever is a musical movie that was inspired by my song, 'Summer Forever.' It follows three best friends on their last weekend before they head off to college, and they decide to make a list of things they want to accomplish before their time is up! It's a super sweet and relatable film, and I can't wait for people to see it. It's really cool to be a part of the process of seeing it come to well as getting the opportunity to write on a couple of the songs for the movie. I got to give my input and to see each step it took from the script to the casting...

C: There's a karaoke scene in the trailer. What's your real-life, go-to karaoke song?
MN: "A Thousand Miles!" I always think of that movie White Chicks when I sing it!

C: Tell us a little bit about what your journey on YouTube looked like, from just starting out to having 3.2 million subscribers.
MN: A lot of people don't realize that it was definitely a hard build at the start, and a lot of hard work, by constantly putting content out and slowly, but surely taking those steps to progress and make my content better and better. Those initial videos were me and my dad with a camcorder...I recently went back and watched some old videos, and it's so funny to see the progress! It's really encouraging to know that the hard work pays off!

C: What was it like winning a 2015 YouTube Music Award alongside Taylor Swift, One Direction and Ariana Grande?
MN: It was such an honor, actually, to be recognized alongside all of these amazing artists. I love the fact that YouTube is embracing the artists that have come up off of their platform and are crossing over into traditional media. It's so interesting to think about where things are going to stand in the next few years. Half of my friends don't even have cable anymore! They just do Netflix and Hulu. I feel like I'm the only person [that still sets the DVR!]

C: You're also on tour! How is it going?
MN: The Sweet Dreams Tour is a super fun show, and I also get the opportunity to share some new never before heard music! I also get to bring my quirkiness to stage through my outfits, and I have a unicorn and a giant teddy bear with a tutu. My mic stand has little sheep all over it. It's really fun, and very me! And I'm so excited because I got a new mic that's all pastel rainbow crystals. It's my new favorite thing.

I was pretty excited about that free bubblegum... #SweetDreamsTour

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C: We are partnered with an initiative called #BUILTBYGIRLS that inspires girls that they can be whoever they want to be and build whatever they want to build. What is one piece of advice you would give a young girl like yourself who is trying to follow her dreams?
MN: My best piece of advice is to never let people, including yourself, put you inside of a bubble. Never put limitations on yourself and don't be afraid to dream big and expect great things each day. Continue to work hard at your craft, whatever it may be, and don't give up!

Make sure to catch Megan in Summer Forever on September 4, and all month on her Sweet Dreams Tour.


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