Kanye West's VMA Dance Got the Mashup Treatment and It's Hilarious

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Whether you'll be voting for him when he runs for President in 2020 or not, you have to admit that Kanye West has some pretty epic dance moves. Not that THAT should sway your vote one way or another, but the facts are the facts - Yeezy is an amazing dancer.

He's actually got so much rhythm, you can pretty much dub any song over video of him dancing and 'Ye will STILL be on beat. It's pretty impressive and the internet has had some fun with it in the past.

This time, Kanye's dance moves were set to the beat of The Wiggles' song "Fruit Salad," which tbh we never even knew existed. The vid took about three seconds to start trending, although for some reason the original account that posted it has been suspended on Twitter.

Behold the glorious mashup:
WHY is this so funny?!

Of course, with the Internet being as creative and generous as it is, people have already started creating different versions, none of which are as good as the "Fruit Salad," obviously, but they're still kind of funny. In fact, had we not seen the "Fruit Salad" one first, we probably would have thought they were pretty awesome. Now, everything pales in comparison.

Here he is jamming to Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean?":

And here he is "dancing" to the Spice Girls:
Here's one of him dancing to Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears' "Pretty Girls":
Still, "Fruit Salad" FTW!
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