Ne-Yo and Girlfriend Crystal Renay Are Engaged and Expecting

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Ne-Yo is heading to the altar.

The singer and his girlfriend – now fiancé – Crystal Renay announced on social media Monday that they are engaged and expecting.

"'No matter what they say' our Miracle is on the way and I couldn't feel more blessed," Crystal captioned a shot on Instagram of Ne-Yo smiling and palming her baby bump. "[Your] negativity means nothing to us. We are happy, we've BEEN happy and will always be HAPPY no matter what they say. Thanking The Lord above for those who know my story know what this absolute miracle means to me #BabySmith #Neyo #CrystalRenay #GodsChild #WasAlwaysInHisTime #BlindFaith thank you all who are happy for our happy photo by @kincordell."
Ne-Yo also announced the news in an Instagram shot of Crystal holding up the same pic with the caption, "Surprise!!!!!!!!!!!❤." He also headed to Twitter to share the news that they are also set to tie the knot. It looks like Ne-Yo and Crystal caused a stir after their announcements though, because the singer soon hit Twitter again to respond to some of the criticism he received. His ex-fiancé Monyetta Shaw, who he has two children with, previously said on her show "Atlanta Exes" that she and Ne-Yo decided they didn't want to have any more kids, so she had surgery to get her tubes tied. Unfortunately, they ended up breaking up.

He responded to just that, tweeting, "Clearing the air..I didn't force Mo to tie her tubes. Mutual decision. And the procedure is reversible. #SheCanHaveKids #FromTheHorsesMouth." Ne-Yo also added, "Clearing the air..I'm aware I don't have to explain anything. I did it for my fans, my supporters. No BS and lies. #FromTheHorsesMouth. Twit fam. THIS IS YOUR DIRECT LINK TO ME. From now on if you wanna know ASK ME. No 3rd party, no guessing, no BS. #FromTheHorsesMouth."

Monyetta didn't respond directly to Ne-Yo and Crystal's baby news and engagement, but she did tweet a meme that said "classy but hurt." That pretty much says it all. It can't be easy to see your ex move on, especially if you're still hurt by the relationship, but we're hoping Monyetta keeps her head up and has some exciting news of her own to share in the near future.

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