WTF? This Cat Just Became a High School Student

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While most of us are angry that it's "that time of year" again, Bubba the cat is super stoked because he's finally an official high school student. Yes, a CAT is a high school student. Why? Because he wanted to.

"The whole reason Bubba goes to school is his loud and repeated requests to do so," his owner told MTV News. "Bubba somehow knew to show up for registration day at Leland and was apparently in line with the kids waiting to get their photo taken." And that's how the Leland High School "student" got his official ID card.

Bubba actually has two human brothers who also attend the school, although when they're all there together, Bubba is too cool for his siblings and doesn't visit them. Typical!

So, what DOES Bubba do while he's at school? He keeps himself very busy with extracurricular activities, attending sporting events, cheerleading practice and there are apparently several cats in the neighborhood who want to be his prom date.

He also roams in and out of classes, as one does.

Everyone keeps taking my picture and telling me to say "Cheese". #IDontLikeCheese #SayGopherInstead

Posted by Bubba the Cat on Monday, August 31, 2015

If you want to follow Bubba's adventures, check out his Facebook page.
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