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10 Reasons I Will Always Be A Potterhead

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OK, I admit it. I have a huge crush on Devon Murray (aka Seamus Finnigan), and you CAN'T blame me. He is Irish (with a dreamy accent!) and cute (I mean, OBVS!), and let's say that the fact that he kept of blowing everything up makes him incredible. I would do the same if they asked me to do the Levitation Charm.

But sorry, Gryffindor, my 10 points goes to Ravenclaw at any instant. Before you criticize me on why I still love Harry Potter at age 22, you have to criticize me for the fact that I still believe in magic. But I believe that love is the closest that you have to magic, so are you going to really criticize on that?

1. J.K. Rowling must be one of the only authors in the world who keeps on giving you notions about what happened to the characters after the books and movies come to an end.

2. Watching a Harry Potter movie (and why not the seven?) on Sept. 1 may look stupid to you, but I still love to do it.

3. The idea of a little boy who is not attacked by the Lord of Darkness, has to live for 10 years with nasty people until someone knocks on his door on his 11th birthday to take him to a world of fantasy, love and adventure, right after he makes his birthday wish, is one of the most amazing ideas ever.

4. We can never experience IRL what is like to ride on a hippogriff, so it's nice to live a fantasy like that.

5. Since the beginning of our childhood, we are told about witches and dragons. Harry Potter is just the continuation of a fantasy that our parents started.

6. Harry Potter teaches us lessons on friendship, family, love and admiration for others.

7. Robert Pattinson became an heartthrob after starting on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in 2005. Also, thank you director Mike Newell for that. I got a new crush to dream about.

8. I always think of Harry Potter when seeing any of the cast in other movies (or crossing the road at Piccadilly Circus. I mean you, Rupert Grint).

9. Wishing to have an invisible cloak is something that is always on my mind.

10. Wherever I go, I have the Harry Potter e-books and movies by my side. Call that for fangirling.
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