Did Harry Styles Kill SeaWorld's Image With This Comment?

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Harry Styles has made a huge impact...and we're not just talking about how he's taken over our hearts. Nope, we're talking SeaWorld.

More specifically, how Harry's one small comment during a One Direction concert single-handledly killed SeaWorld's image. The power of 1D and Harry!

Back in July, Harry asked a crowd at one of their shows: "Does anybody like dolphins?" He followed it up with: "Don't go to SeaWorld."

That's. It. No lengthy commentary or explanation, just boycott SeaWorld if you care about dolphins.

That simple statement went viral on social media...and really made a huge impact like no other. Srsly, is there nothing this guy can't do?

Financial services company Credit Suisse reports a spike in online SeaWorld mentions and negative comments. In other words, Harry got people talking – and it's definitely not good for the SeaWorld brand, which is already hurting from the documentary Blackfish.

The NY Post reports that, following Harry's call to boycott, "online mentions of SeaWorld spiked 400 percent - to 2.5 million - from June." 85 percent of those mentions were negative!
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