Yikes! Female MMA Fighter Chokes the Guy Who Tried to Steal Her Phone

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Another day brings yet another unfortunate entry to the list of world's dumbest criminals. But we can also think of a few additional choice words to describe a would-be robber who was brutally beaten by female mixed martial artist fighter Monique Bastos.

According to Elite Daily, the incident took place in Brazil after a man and his friend had the bright idea to rob Monique, who was coincidentally headed to the gym to get in a workout. Unfortunately, the thief's partner got away with her phone, but this is where the story gets better (or worse, depending on you ask). The robber who masterminded (insert sarcasm) the entire plot barely made it out alive because Monique put him in a deadly choke hold and the entire incident was caught on video.

The move, described by Yahoo News! as a "triangle choke," involves wrapping your legs around the opponent's head and cutting off their air supply. Um, judging by this video of MMA fighter Ronda Rousey practicing a reverse triangle choke, it's certainly a move best left to the professionals.

We're going to guess that the attempted robber is coping with some serious regret, not to mention pain. When the incident took place, he was reportedly heard yelling for his father and his mother, and he even called on Jesus for some divine intervention.

Hopefully he's learned his lesson and will seriously reconsider his professional future. But serious props go to Monique for proving that "fighting like a girl" actually isn't an insult after all.
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