Florida State University Grad Sells Diploma (With Benefits) on eBay

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During high school, you have this vision of your future: go to college, meet the love of your life, graduate, get an amazing job, make tons of money, live happily ever after.

Let's face it, getting an awesome job directly after graduation is a rarity these days. If you want the big bucks, graduation is most likely a must and unpaid internships are basically the new entry-level position. Show of hands - who is in an insane amount of debt and can't use their degree?

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Stephanie Ritter attended Florida State University; after graduation, she hit #TheStruggle of finding a job in her field (she's a theater major) and...well...let's just say, it got real. As she was cleaning out her room and throwing away the essence of her childhood, she found her FSU diploma and said "to hell with it, I'm throwing that away too."

Stephanie posted her diploma to eBay for $50,000, which is $10,000 more than her student loan debt. For this price, you get her entire college experience. Her eBay posting explains she will go as far to give you a tour of the campus, give you access to her Facebook photos for six months, and Sundays and Thursdays, you can learn to be Stephanie Ritter via phone or text!

The advice she told BuzzFeed for high school students who are considering taking on a big student loan: Ask random wealthy people to sponsor you. No, really, she swears it has worked (she says to just tell them it's a tax write-off). She may not be kidding, but she does say that if she were to do it all over again, she'd still go to college.


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