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I Left Instagram for a Week and It Was the Best Thing for Me

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We all know Instagram is part of our lives already, so it's really hard to leave it. I left Instagram for a week. At the start, it was hard because I wanted to see how many new people followed me, if my crush liked my post or my friends commented on my pics.

I left Instagram for a week, and I felt free, like, I didn't care about who comment or liked. It was, like freedom, without the worry about how many likes I got. But I really wanted to use it, so I waited the week, and I looked all of One Direction's and Hayes Grier's posts. I was desperate, and the day I started using Instagram, I used it for, like, an hour just looking at my friends' and crush's photos.

That's my experience, and something I would like to say is, you're beautiful the way you are and don't let how many likes you get in your pics on Instagram define how you feel about yourself.

Trianzz xoxo
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