Man Loses New Job After Sending Naked Selfies to HR Rep

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Cover letter? Check! Resume? Check! D**k pic? Check! Wait...noooooo! Unsend, delete, DO something!

We all know that moment of panic after you send something and mere milliseconds after you click "send" you realize you made a critical error and you want to somehow jump into cyberspace and stop the transmission (it's essentially impossible, we've tried!).

Usually, it's just an accidental reply on a group text thread that you only intended for one of the people in the group, but in this case, it was much MUCH worse.

According to the Chicago Tribune, after a 23-year-old man was offered a position with a company, he accidentally texted not one (although that would have been bad enough), but TWO naked selfies to the female human resources manager, who reported the um...situation... to police.

When he called to ask a question about the job, the number on the caller ID matched the number the HR manager had received the pics from and not surprisingly, he didn't get the job after all.

The crazy thing is that this is apparently not all that uncommon. The police told the Chicago Tribune that, "We're seeing it much more often now with our young people sending inappropriate photos of themselves. They're sharing it with someone else and the next thing you know it takes on a life of its own."

Or, in this case, the death of a new career opportunity.
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