This Menstrual Cups Music Video Might Make You Say Goodbye to Tampons and Pads

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Can't get enough of period talk? Well, how about a period song? Don't get it twisted, though - we're not talking about some sappy, sad tune about the woes of menstruation. Obviously, having your period is a b*tch, but this cheeky rap song and video about Lunette menstrual cups is specifically made for women who are looking for a "nicer" resolution to their period problems instead of settling for the constant monthly complaints.

The video and song for "Lunette Cup (Oh No I'm Getting My Period!)" is a hilarious promotion of stress-free periods by way of the brand's line of menstrual cups. The rapping Princess Superstar and her crew make a pretty convincing case for using a menstrual cup as they twerk with reckless abandon, wear swimsuits and generally give zero f*cks about the average girl's period problems.

In the chorus, Princess rhymes, "Oh no, I'm getting my period/Cheer up b*tch, it ain't that serious/Try something new so we don't gotta hear it."

As described on the company's website, Lunette aims to help women experience "nicer periods." If you're not quite sure how menstrual cups work, here are the deets: They're flexible, reusable cups designed to be folded and inserted into the vagina. Instead of absorbing blood like tampons and pads, they collect the fluids. Once they're full, the user can remove, empty, wash and then re-insert them.

Those four simple steps may sound like a strange alternative to the pad and tampon routine, but consider this: The ability to reuse menstrual cups means saving money every month, plus they eliminate the awkwardness of bumming a pad off a stranger or even worse, sharing a tampon with your bestie.

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