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Ouch! I Broke Up With my Boyfriend Via Text

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Dumping my (now ex) boyfriend three years ago was, at the time, the right decision to make. We were dating for 10 months when I decided to travel to Stuttgart, Germany to work and live there for nine months, and we both decided that ending what we had was quite a stupid thing. But let's be honest. It wasn't.

We were both 19, and we were in what we can call of the "honeymoon phase" - just without the wedding and the vows. We were really happy and although he had a personality that resembles my father's, he was a pretty decent guy. Apart of being my long time crush and being quite a gentleman, he was not perfect. And neither was I.

I left to Germany a week before my 19th birthday, and the changes started almost immediately. We started to barely talk or having any kind of contact whatsoever. so it is normal that, when starting to meeting new people, both of us would look for love in the wrong places. And when that happened, I did what I promised never to do: breaking up over a text message.

I went on Skype on the night of our one year anniversary, not to saying that I was truly happy that we were together and leave an "Happy 1st Year for Us, Baby!" but to leave him a break-up text. I regret it every day.

He was and is one of the most important people of my life and only now, more than three exact years after, we decided to talk about it and meet up and explain everything to each other. Maybe because we began to realize that being mad and hating each other's guts has no point at this moment (he is in a fully committed relationship ATM) and what is past belongs in there, or maybe the truth came out while exchanging messages one afternoon. We just deeply miss each other.

It's normal to miss someone you loved. It's normal to hate someone you loved, too. But don't life, feelings and experiences teach us that forgiving and forgetting can be the best medicine for an aching soul and broken heart? Isn't it easier to close a chapter of your life that once made you laugh and dream, cry and feel desperate than to leave it open and make your heart bleed at every exchanged message?

In the words of L. Ron Hubbard: "Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow."
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