Here's Evidence That Beyonce's Birthday Already Is a National Holiday

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Unless you've been on a temporary mental vacay, you already know that it's Beyonce's 34th birthday and as the Beyhive will have you know that not celebrating her birthday as if she were a close friend IRL simply isn't an option. In fact, people are so pumped about Bey's bday that there's petition for Pres. Obama to officially declare Beyonce's birthday as a national holiday. Given the sheer force of the singer's fandom (not to mention members of her no-nonsense Beygency), this push for a formal acknowledgement of #BeyDay comes as no surprise.

But here's the thing: Beyonce doesn't really need the president's co-sign. A simple glance at how people are losing their minds on social media over #BeyDay tells us that it's kind of already understood that her birthday is a national holiday. Don't believe us? Well, the evidence is rather compelling:

1. A college student excused herself from class on Beyonce's birthday last year in a hilarious email to her professor. The Towson University student Ja-Niece Best wrote on Twitter, "If you can miss class because you were partying and getting drunk all night I can miss class for Beyoncé's birthday."

Um, we have no objections to this reasoning.

2. #BeyDay's trending.

Because clearly #BeyDay's more important than Labor Day.

3. The First Lady gave Beyoncé a birthday shoutout on Twitter. We're bowing to the queen.

4. Someone predicted Beyonce will be the first female president. Yes, Bey can!

So, yeah...we're all for signing the petition but a mere formality isn't going to stop us from partying like total rock stars on #BeyDay.

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