We Made Our Own Deodorant...Here's What Happened

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In these crazy hot summer months, deodorant is, behind drinking water, possibly the most crucial item in your possession.

But deodorant is - LOL - a sticky topic.

What most people refer to as deodorant is actually antiperspirant, and the active ingredient in many of them, including all of the drugstore antiperspirants out there, is aluminum - some girls aren't big fans of that. While deodorant just masks the smell of sweat, antiperspirant stops you from sweating by plugging up your eccrine sweat glands (a k a the ones on the surface of your skin) with the aluminum compounds...not exactly all-natural. (You can read about more of the health risks associated with antiperspirant in this WebMD article.)

And guess what? It doesn't actually stop you from sweating that much: The HuffPo reports that the FDA only requires a product to reduce sweat by 20 percent to say it offers "all-day protection." Sheesh.

Sadly, natural, aluminum-free antiperspirant is hard to find, but you CAN easily create natural deodorant to hide your, ahem, perfume.

And the best part is you can DIY it! We ran across this recipe for beauty bae May Lindstrom's DIY Deodorant on Into the Gloss the other day, and just had to take it for a test drive. Our very scientific results (frequent sniff tests) are revealed below. But first, May's directions for her natural deodorant, as they appear on Into the Gloss:

Very simply, it's pure, raw coconut oil (a small pea-sized amount) with a few drops of lemon essential oil (not squeezed from a fresh lemon!), and a sprinkling of baking soda. Blend on your fingertips and massage gently into clean armpits. Amazingly effective.

Here's the writer's first-hand account:

I made and applied it this morning (it was a little grainier than I had expected, due to the baking powder) at around 8:20 AM. The smell is really pretty. A light floral coconut mixed with bright lemon is refreshing and uplifting. #FeelinMyself

I headed to my breakfast meeting, walking about five minutes to and from the subway. Afterward, I took another whiff - still lightly fragrant and coconutty. Score. Time: 10:15 AM.

At lunchtime (1 PM), I was starting to pick up a light funk under the coconut, and by 3 PM, the oils weren't really covering anything up. I left the office around 4:30 and was pretty ripe (sorry not sorry).

The verdict? This stuff works, but you need to reapply every six hours or so. But, any regular antiperspirant deodorant, like Dove, can benefit from applying throughout the day too, so we're not throwing the natural stuff under the bus. But it ain't no miracle formula, and in this heat, we're not quite ready to give up antiperspirant just yet.

We do have to say that the smell is a lot better than those artificial generic "shower fresh" or "powder fresh" fragrances. We'd def try it again next time we're trying to channel our all-natural, earth goddess selves!


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