Here's How to Make French Fries From McDonald's Cheeseburgers

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Anyone who's had one too many meals from a drive-through window knows exactly how fast food burnout feels. But chef Tym Bussanich has taken the notion of the classic burger and fries combo one step further with the invention of the "McFry," otherwise known as french fries made from McDonald's cheeseburgers.

If you thought putting fries on your hamburger was inventive, then Tym's new recipe puts that old-school method to shame. Described on Instagram as a "McDonald's cheeseburger, rolled, sliced breaded and fried," Tym confidently claims his signature fast food fare is the "tastiest fry ever."

Honestly, this McFry sounds like it has some major artery-clogging potential, but it actually looks pretty tasty. If nothing else, it's a creative new spin on a McDonald's staple that will probably satisfy late-night munchies of many a fast food addict.

Just in case you can't wait for the McFry to arrive at a drive-through near you, Tym was kind enough to share a step-by-step video of how to prepare his signature fries from the comfort of your own kitchen.
Our mouths are watering, but we're not quite sure we're ready to bite just yet.
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