Zendaya Is Celebrating Her 19th Birthday In the Sweetest Way Ever

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Zendaya just gets it...which is why she is still our BFF (in our minds).

The K.C. Undercover star, who turned the big 1-9 September 1, celebrated her birthday in a way that warmed our hearts. Back in July, Zendaya traveled to Africa with the UNAIDS Foundation, and met a family of three boys whose parents died from AIDS.

She was so touched by their story that she kicked off birthday by setting up a CrowdRise campaign to raise money for them and asked fans to help out while she was at it.

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"Alright y'all, so I have this birthday wish I really need help making come true...while in Africa with @unaids I met this family," she said in an Instagram post of herself standing next to the family. "A family where a young man, only a couple years older than me, cares for his two little brothers by himself since their parents have died from AIDS. I visited where they lived, literally a metal storage container, and heard them speak of the troubles they face like simply getting food. It broke my heart."

"My family found power bars in our backpacks for the kids and gave them whatever we had on us so they could at least buy some new clothes, but leaving them...I knew that was certainly not enough," she continued. "I don't think anyone should have to live this way especially not children. It weighed very heavy on my mind and soul when I got back home. Of course there's a lot of poverty, and I wish I could help everyone..but I want to start with this extremely deserving family. Please help me by going to my crowdrise page and donating whatever you can (even a dollar is appreciated, or even just a tweet) the link is in my bio and if you've taken the time to read this, I thank you and sure hope you'll help me help this family."

She also posted a heartfelt message to fans in a YouTube video to further encourage them to donate. This is just the latest time Zendaya has used her birthday for a good cause. Last year, she worked with feedOne to provide thousands of dollars for food for hungry children in three schools.

Sending Zendaya a virtual high-five. Our girl is truly inspiring.

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