These Green Gummy Bears Have Been Hiding a Mind-Blowing Secret

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Whenever we buy candy that has an "assortment" we generally pick the red, pink, purple and other colors that indicate they could potentially be some sort of 'berry' flavor and we leave the rest (like lemon and lime, blah!) for whoever wants them because they have no business even being in our bag.

Such is the case when we buy one of our faves, Haribo Gold-Bears Gummi Candy. In the store, we look for the bag that has the most red-ish colored bears, we grab that one and we mentally accept that we'll take the hit for the yellow, green and (depending on how hungry we are) orange ones that are included in there against our wishes.

As it turns out, we've done ourselves a horrible disservice because the green gummies are actually STRAWBERRY. Yep, the person you've been trading greens for whatever other flavor they've given you in exchange actually got the better end of the deal. They probably hate lime just as much as you do, but they knew they were getting strawberry and you were GIVING it away!

At first we thought this was just a rumor because we didn't want to believe that we'd actually handed over hundreds of strawberry-flavored gummy bears to friends, but the Haribo FAQ page confirms it. For what it's worth, the company clears up any other color/flavor questions that might exist.

White = Pineapple; Yellow = Lemon; Orange = Orange; Red = Raspberry

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Pretty straight-forward, but the green is still blowing our minds. Now we need to go buy a bag just to test it out. Our minds will still think "lime" when we see the bright green bears, but we're willing to retrain our brains if strawberry deliciousness is the reward.
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