OMG! Teacher Sprays Sleeping Student With Fire Extinguisher

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We've all had those days where the stay awake in class struggle ultimately got the best of us. But a student in The Netherlands is probably regretting the moment he gave in to urge to snooze in school.

In a viral video, a young man can be seen napping peacefully on his desk. He doesn't respond to his classmate poking his ear with a pen, while filming the entire incident. We can only assume that either this wasn't the first time he'd been warned about his incessant napping tendencies or his snoring seriously disturbed the lecture. Clearly the student's teacher was so over the snoozing because he woke him up with a fire extinguisher.

Obviously, the blast of the instrument (along with the teacher's maniacal yelling) startled the student, who woke up and stumbled his way through the fog and out of the room.

Now, we've heard of teachers taking extreme measures to maintain order in their classroom, but this seems like a bit of an overreaction, not to mention some sort of code violation. Sure, the kid shouldn't have gotten in his Zs during class. But who doesn't indulge in a little power nap every now and again? Maybe if this teacher snuck in a mid-day nap, he wouldn't have been so quick to go from 0 to insane.

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