Niall Horan Fractured His Foot: What Happened?

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Oh no, Niall! Niall Horan got a mysterious foot injury and even he can't explain it.

Niall was spotted with a boot on his foot, which understandably had a lot of fans concerned that he seriously hurt himself. Turns out he has a fracture, which was found in an X-ray after he had some foot pain.

The craziest thing? Niall has no idea how it happened!

In a video taken at One Direction's recent Montreal concert, Louis Tomlinson asked Nialler what he did to his foot.

Niall answered, "I don't know how," saying he woke up with the pain and went to the doctor to discover he had fractured it. Ouch!

We hope Niall's on the mend soon – last year he needed knee surgery, so he definitely doesn't need a foot injury now. Who knew being in a boy band was so dangerous? Between Harry Styles falling on stage and fans chucking everything under the sun at the 1D guys during concerts, injuries are bound to happen. Stay safe out there, guys.

Boot off chilling.

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