The Real Reason You Can't Wear White After Labor Day - And How to Break the Rule

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Ever heard the saying, "Don't wear white after Labor Day"? Ever wondered who came up with that and why someone would even start such an inane rule? Well, Cambio Fashion Muse Raven Vincent found out for you guys!

It turns out that the origin of this peculiar fashion faux paus actually began in the early 1900s when wearing white meant that you were not only fashionable AF, but rich enough to buy clothing that made you sweat as little as possible in the scorching summer sun. After the Depression, however, the poor - who couldn't afford white before - began to make enough money to become the infamous "suburban middle-class," which meant that they could finally afford to strut their stuff in white as well. Enter the "no white after Labor Day" rule. If you were in-the-know, you followed it. If you didn't, you were clearly not upper class. And while we little people are still fixated on the colors and patterns that the rich and famous wear today, (I mean, we ALL still tune into E! Fashion Police), it's safe to say that the whole "no-white after Labor Day" thing runs in very few circles nowadays.

Need help incorporating white into your fall and winter wardrobe? We got you covered, girl! Raven has five super chic ways that you can add white to your outfits and look as snazzy as one of those fashionable AF rich socialites. Want more Raven? Check out all her other videos on her amazing new YouTube channel, Themakingofraven. Remember, if you'd like any fashion advice from Raven, all you have to do is ask her on Twitter (@themakingofrave) or Instagram (@themakingofraven).

Cambio Muses are handpicked by our very picky staff — not just anyone can dish fashion advice like our girl, Raven! Your video game must be strong, and you've gotta be smart AF in the areas of beauty, fashion, STEM, DIY, health/wellness, and/or advice. If you have a YouTube channel and would like to be considered for the Muse program, please email


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