Which State Googles "Vajazzling" the Most?

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Real talk: There is nothing more terrifying than the thought of someone going through your - gulp - Google search history. If you're like us, you delete that ish on the reg.

That said, we wouldn't pass up the chance to sift through someone else's.

We found this infographic on Fast Company that maps out the most EMBARRASSING Google searches by state. Yep, the geniuses at real estate site Estately sifted through 11 years of Google search data for each state and pulled out the top-ranking search terms that they deemed the most blush-worthy. Savage.

The results are pretty hilarious, and the silly "analyses" dreamed up by Estately incorporating all the weird search terms are on point. Take Colorado, for example. Since they've been Googling the terms vape pen, Crocs (the shoes), men's rights and the men's rights movement, Estately made the following conclusion: "If you're a man in Colorado wearing Crocs and puffing on your vape pen you deserve to have your rights taken away."

Other weird search terms? Missouri is known for Googling "vajazzling" the most (O_O we thought that trend died?), Ohio has been searching for monkey porn (?!), Arkansas has questions about Lunchables, Tennessee has been wondering "Is Bigfoot real?" and Rhode Island wants to know what the average penis size is. Visit the site to see the whole embarrassing breakdown.

And you thought your search history was bad!


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