Tips To Make Your Makeup Products Last Even Longer

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Seriously, no girl should go through life without being able to use every single drop of their favorite lipgloss. You paid for the whole tube, you should use the entire tube. Amirite?! It seems like cosmetic companies make it pretty hard to get complete use out of their products - not fair. We get it, you want us to go out and buy more (which we totally will), but we'll be darned if we don't use what we've got.

Now if you haven't quite mastered this skill, don't fret ladies. We've totally got you covered. Here are some genius hacks to ensure your lipsticks, powders and blushes get the most out of their use.

Make Your Lipstick Last Longer.

Get The Most Out Of Your Beauty ProductsYou've reached pan on your favorite lippie and you've tried just about anything to get to all that product at the bottom of your tube. What do you do now?

Try de-potting your favorite lipstick. Use a knife to scoop up every last inch. Take the remaining product and add it to a small clean container. You can use a lipstick blush to apply your lipstick from the container.

You can also practice this method with your favorite lipgloss, or creams by cutting the tube in half and scooping out the product that way.

Oh No, You Cracked Your Eyeshadow!

Get The Most Out Of Your Beauty ProductsSo you're traveling for the weekend and you've packed your favorite Urban Decay eyeshadow palette. Between getting from your door to your final destination your palette experiences some turbulence. Two of your favorite shadows are all cracked and powdery. Do you throw them away or risk your cracked shadows from spilling into your pristine and perfectly sculpted colors?

No worries! If you crack your eyeshadow, start by adding a couple of drops of alcohol. Use your finger to smooth out your product. Violà after smoothing out to desired look, you've got eyeshadow that is practically new. What's even better, you can use a similar method to fix cracked powders and blush.

Don't Let Your Mascara Go To Waste.

Get The Most Out Of Your Beauty ProductsThere's nothing worse than your favorite eye lengthening mascara drying up on you. It's obvious that there is more product left, but when you remove the applicator from the tube, there is barely anything on the brush. Ughh.

Need to loosen up your mascara? Try placing the tube in a class of warm water and letting it sit for several minutes. This will loosen up your product, allowing you to get the most out of your tube.

Down To The Last Drop.

Get The Most Out Of Your Beauty ProductsYour favorite perfume you spent way too much money on is coming to an end. What do you do?

To get the most out of your favorite scent when you're down to the last drop, try adding the remainder of the perfume to an unscented lotion. Now you have scented lotion that smells just like your perfume. Sweet!


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