Instagram IRL?! You're Totally Going to Want This Ink-Free Polaroid Camera

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Taking photos on your iPhone is a breeze, and considering the fact that it's a phone and not an actual camera your using to snap cute pics of your dog, the quality is actually pretty good. But despite the ease and simplicity of an iPhone pic, there is one thing that sucks about smart phone photography: it's a total chore to turn your digital photos into real-life copies. There's a new technology that could combat that, and it's a brand-new Polaroid camera. Get snap happy.

Of course, Polaroid cameras themselves are anything but new - the instantly-developing camera has been around way longer than any digital variety. The major difference with this new Polaroid camera - called the Polaroid Snap - and the one your mom gave you to play around with as a kid is that the Polaroid Snap doesn't use traditional ink. No more shaking that picture around in your hand while humming Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" - the Polaroid Snap uses ZINK printing technology, which makes every photo come out of the camera with the image already printed. Just call it the real-life Instagram.

The pics that come out with this camera are two by three inches, which makes them the perfect size to sneak into birthday cards or tuck into a friend's notebook. The downside to the Polaroid Snap, though, is how much those tiny pics cost. While the camera clocks in at a reasonable $99, the paper you need to purchase is $24.99 for a pack of 50 - and if you're camera-happy like I am, you know that stuff will go fast.

Not down to invest mega bucks into the Polaroid Snap? Don't forget that those disposable cameras are always available at drug stores for when you're in desperate need of some real-life pics. You may have to go to the store to get them developed, but you'll also score some incredible candids without breaking the bank.
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