This Poor K-Pop Singer Fell Eight Times During One Song

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As any seasoned performer knows, stuff is going to happen while you're on stage and the show must go on. It could start raining, your mic might go out, a crazy audience member might try to jump on stage, or every performer's worst fear, you might fall flat on your face - literally - and the show MUST go on.

During one of Korean pop group GFriend's recent performances in South Korea, they learned this lesson the hard way. Well, at least one unlucky member of the girl band did.

The singer wearing the knee guard (an accessory that might have come in very handy), identified as Yuju by Mashable, ate it not once, not twice, but EIGHT times during one four-minute song.

Being a total pro, Yuju got right back up every single time and pretended like nothing ever even happened. Another fellow band member fell once, too, so there must have been something slippery on either their shoes or the stage and poor Yuju got the worst of it.

There was a full minute that she stayed on her feet, and we were very hopeful that Yuju had conquered the slippery stage, but then this happened...
150905 여자친구(GFRIEND) - 오늘부터 우리는 (Me gustas tu) @인제 SBS 라디오 공개방송 직캠/Fancam by -wA-
Nooooooooo, Yuju!!

Unfortunately, it just spiraled downward from there...

We have to give her credit, though, girlfriend is the definition of determination. She never gave up AND she rocked her performance, despite the eight setbacks.
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