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What Exactly Is A Graphic Designer?

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Service Canada defines Graphic design as a conceptualize graphic art and visual materials to communicate information for the public as advertisement, film, branding and illustrations.

Throughout this essay I will be explain what my two minute video will be about. Firstly, I will be talking about the research I did on how many graphic designers have a schooling background and how many have picked it without and school and if you really need the schooling. Secondly, what a graphic designer needs to have with software's and how much it costs. Thirdly, how to find a stable job and what the job market looks for in a graphic designer. Do you still want to learn about how to become a graphic designer?

Being a graphic designer does not mean you necessarily need to have post-secondary education or a higher form of education. In today's society it is acceptable to be graphic designer by teaching yourself with the amount of online tutorials there are on the internet. In order to be a great graphic designer you need to have a fantastic, eye catching portfolio. If your way to get your portfolio amazing is by going to school, then the following information can help you out. If you are thinking about going to school post high school, there are a few schools here in Montreal you can attend that are two to three years of schooling which is in a college; Dawson College, Vanier College, Inter Dec College, Academie International du Design. Once you have graduated from these programs that were just mentioned, you will receive a DEC which is a diploma education collegial. There are some people who continue their academic further to get themselves a bachelor's degree in graphic design or just design. There are two university schools that offer design programs in Montreal: Concordia University and Université du Québec à Montréal.

As a graphic designer you need to have a people's person attitude because most of your work can be dealt with clients. In order to work for your clients you will need software to do your work on. The software that most designers use is from Adobe Creative Suite, which has many software's included in the package that you buy. The software package is priced differently if you are a student or a freelancer. If you are a student you will spend around $275 a year, but if you are buying it for freelance or personal use it is $389 a year. The software that is included in the packages are the following; Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, After Affects and much more.

When it comes to finding a stable job for a graphic designer you can be lucky and find one right away or it can take a while. When employers are looking for a graphic designer, they really look for someone who has at least three to five years of experience. I understand that if you are a student who just got out of school - how are you supposed to get the experience? Some ways that you can get experience is do some work either pro bono, or ask in the area you live if any one need any work done whether it is a business card, envelopes, letterheads and even flyers.
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