'What's Up' With Skylar Stecker? She Needs to Be on Your Radar

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True Life: We're obsessed with Skylar Stecker. She's fun, full of spunk and super talented at both singing and songwriting. Her confidence, poise and voice seem that of a seasoned performer, so you'd never guess she's barely a teenager. She might only be 13, but Skylar is one rising star that needs to be on your radar.

Last time we talked to Skylar at the beginning of 2015, she was just getting ready to release her first EP Firecracker independently. Things have seriously blown up for Skylar since then. She's been all over Radio Disney, guest starred on Disney Channel's Austin and Ally, signed to a record label and is now getting ready to release her debut album This Is Me on Sept. 25. She's also performing on TODAY on NBC on Wednesday, Sept. 9.

Cambio: So much has happened since the last time we talked! What has been the most exciting part of this journey so far for you?
Skylar: Being able to grow as an artist is one of the main things and being able to work with such amazing people and such a great team around me. That's just incredible and it's more than I could ever ask for. And we have an album that's coming out in September. So on Sept. 25, it's coming out, so that's really exciting, because we've been working on it for a while and it's really cool to be able to see that since it is my first album all this hard work that everyone has put in to this and all my new material and everyone's going to be able to see it pretty soon, so it's crazy.

Cambio: What inspired the songs on the album?
Skylar: My EP that came in January was my first thing that I put out there besides covers, so it was just like more of an introduction to everyone like this is me, this is who I am, and I wanted to elevate that in my album and it's called This Is Me. There's more material on this and I just wanted to just have a bigger say in everything and to go deeper into expressing myself and get into more details of who I am, because I really want to show everyone this is me and this is who I am.

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(Skylar recently took over our Instagram! Check out all the pics here.)

Cambio: What's your favorite track on the album?
Skylar: It's so hard, because I love all of them so much! They're all so different. Every single song has a different vibe to it and it's hard because I'm very like on to the next thing so I'm performing or working on one song for a period of time, that's my favorite. But if I'm working on a different song, that's my favorite. But right now, my favorite is probably a song called "Crazy Beautiful" which is on the album. I'm now rehearsing that song with my band and dancers for a lot of performances we have coming up.

Cambio: What was it like working with Kalin and Myles on the song "Bring Me to Life?"
Skylar: It was so much fun! I already recorded bring me to life previously to that and we were, I was going to do like this bridge section and it just didn't work for the song and we were like why don't we have Kalin and Myles on the song it'd be really, really cool to do a collaboration with them. So, we contacted to them and they were excited to be on it. And they jumped on the track and it was just like magic. It was awesome. They did such a great job and they made the song. I'm super happy that they're on the track and it was just an amazing experience.

Cambio: You're performing on TODAY! How excited are you?
Skylar: Yes, I am! It's crazy. My manager called and told me and so did my PR people and it just was amazing. And I was so excited and I was freaking out because we were driving home from Starbucks or something and they were calling us and telling us and me and my mom were freaking out in the car. And we're like we're going to get in a car accident because we were going crazy. No... but we were so excited! And it's just amazing how fast things can happen if you work so hard and put yourself with amazing people. And it's just so cool and I'm so excited. I can't wait.

Cambio: What's next for you?
Skylar: We have the TODAY show and I also have a performance in Ohio coming up called the New Albany Classic. After that, we're getting my new show ready with all the album material and hopeful I can start doing some more solo shows at venues and maybe go on a tour with somebody.

Cambio: If you could open for anyone on tour right now, who would it be?
Skylar: I really, really like Tori Kelly right now.

Check out Skylar's new music video for "That's What's Up" below and fet Skylar's debut album This Is Me on iTunes on Sept. 25.


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