Guy Tries to Use a Selfie Stick While Driving, Fails Hard

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It should go without saying that using a selfie stick while you're driving is an absolutely terrible idea. For some people, though, they learn through doing - or not doing as the case may be, which is exactly what happened to this would-be selfie-snapping driver.

This guy was cruising in his Jeep on his way to go alligator hunting when he decided 'what better time to bust out the selfie stick and start shooting?' The answer: ANY time.

He got so wrapped up in making sure the stick was pointed perfectly at him that he forgot about actual life for a second, which was just long enough to smash into the car in front of him and have the canoe go through his front windshield as a little added bonus.

After it happened, he was probably like "uh oh, I have to get that canoe out of my windshield, but first...lemme take a selfie."

Of course, nobody is immune from selfie fails, but you CAN minimize the odds by not snapping selfies while you're doing stupid things.

The standard bathroom mirror shot is looking pretty good right about now!

(h/t Huffington Post)


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