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Hannah Bronfman on How to Turn Veggies into NOODLES!

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From walking runways for DKNY to being featured in NYC subway ads for We Are Fit and Banana Republic, is there anything Hannah Bronfman can't do? The Forbes-featured fitness guru, entrepreneur and beauty maven recently showcased her impressive DJ skills for Stella McCartney's Adidas Women Fall Preview event in Manhattan. The athletic style collaboration was a match made in fitness heaven--here's what the fit fashionista had to say when I asked her for a few lifestyle tips!

You've curated a captivating Instagram and HBfit! What's your top tip for branding yourself online?

One tip is you really need to stay true to who you are and what your message is. You can't switch your message; you've gotta hammer home what it is that you're about and make it stick. So, it's all about being sticky and having things that people remember about you and working off of that. For instance, when I was hashtagging "Hbfit" all the time, people would literally at night be like "Hbfit! Hbfit!" and I didn't realize it was really sticky, so I started Hbfit.com.

What do you think is the biggest mistake people make when trying to eat healthy and what's the easy approach?

People think, Ok, I'll go on a cleanse or I'll just start juicing and I think people forget that it's about eating whole foods and eating fruits and vegetables and protein. A lot of the time, people might think that they're eating something healthy because it's organic, but I think it's more about being mindful that you have a complete meal so that you're eating protein and fat... and FAT IS NOT THE ENEMY! To be honest, I just feel like there's so much out there in the world of health and wellness and it's pretty overwhelming so I think it starts with education.

Many people, particularly young adults, are often repelled by fruits and vegetables. What's your favorite way to make something taste delicious and have it be healthy at the same time?

Well, I'm not the best person to ask because I really do love fruits and vegetables (laughs). Here's a good one: I love pasta, but I don't really eat it because I have a sensitivity to gluten, but I make zucchini noodles! You literally take zucchini and you find a Veggetti and you can turn ANY vegetable into noodles--and you can make whatever sauce! I actually eat them raw; you can sauté them if you wanted to, but I eat them raw because I like it a little crunchy; make a tomato sauce, make a meat sauce, make a pesto, whatever!
Follow Hannah on Instagram and HBfit for more! Also, congrats to our girl on her recent engagement to fellow DJ Brendan Fallis! We couldn't be happier for her!

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