Only at Costco: 11 Products That Are Larger Than Life

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Costco is like Narnia.

You can buy an HDTV, the most delish cakes ever, a toaster, iPhone, a freaking wedding dress and even some tires for your ride, all while ending the day with a $1.50 hot dog.

But not only is Costco a magical place where you can literally get anything you ever wanted, its "bulk" game is srsly next level. We still find ourselves tripping out over it.

Here are 11 gloriously large AF things that will make even Bigfoot do a double take.

1. Nutella
This girl is living the dream. That's it. That gorgeous jar is what we want for Christmas.

2. Teddy Bears
Do you guys get just HOW big they are?

Look at that bear just chillin' in the shopping cart like it's a bed. Look at him!
OK, even babies aren't supposed to be that tiny.
We're horrified now.

3. Coconut Oil
Those who know what's up know that coconut oil is the answer to a lot of life's ailments. And a jar this size will help cut WAY back on trips to the beauty aisle. Yes, please.

4. Belvedere Vodka
Can you imagine the number of people who can get turnt from that one bottle of vodka?
We wonder if this is where the hottest clubs get their drinks from?

5. Toblerone Chocolate
So. Much. Chocolate.

6. Cheetos
Anyone else wanna stuff their face into this bag, Cheetos dust and all? No one? Just us? K.

7. Greek Yogurt
This woman's face summarizes our reaction perfectly. So beautiful. *wipes tear away*

8. Cadbury Milk Chocolate
Need. Just to be clear: That is a human being standing behind that bar of chocolate. This must be what it's like to be inside of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. #LifeGoals

9. Pretzels

The perfect party snack just got even more perfect.

10. Oreo Cookies
We're sure there's a supersized glass of milk nearby.

11. Sauce
Tabasco and soy sauce addicts, you have met your match!

So, who's down for a Costco run?
That's what we thought.


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