This New Period-Tracking App Is All the Rage, For a Reason You Won't Expect

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We're still kind of on the fence about period-tracking apps. There's Ruby, an awesome new app that allows you to record your PMS symptoms so that it can warn you before you unknowingly act like a major b**** on the days leading up to your lady time. But apps that tell you just when to take your pill? C'mon. Free up some storage on your phone and just set. an. alarm.

Then we came across this article on Gawker about an otherwise pretty average birth control-pill tracker myPill that describes how awesome the advice is that girls are sharing with each other on the $4.99 app (there's a free version, too, with limited features).

So we scoped it out, and it's true - the app's advice threads are a total safe haven for girls to post questions they're scared or embarrassed to ask their parents or friends about. The best part? The advice is really solid and appears to be free from trolls, as far as we can tell.

Here's some of the questions girls are posing on the app (avatars and usernames have been blurred for confidentiality):
And the advice that girls are giving in return is just as real. Some girls dropped golden job interview knowledge:
While another girl offers her knowledge on how to return makeup that isn't quite vibing:
myPillThere's LOTS of sex and relationship questions, but we especially loved the positive reaction that this girl got for being an #IndependentWoman.In addition to the awesome #TruthBombs these threads are dropping, the app also tracks your period and reminds you when to take your pill. You can write notes to yourself and record the heaviness of your flow and cramps.

We hope this app continues to grow as a safe forum for girls to keep helping each other out on tough issues! YASSS.


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