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'When Marnie Was There' Review, Plus Why You Need to Watch It

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When Marnie Was There is probably the last movie Studio Ghibli will release in a long time. Following the retirement of the one and only Hayao Miyazaki, the Japanese animation film studio announced that they were going to stop production for a time, although they didn't specify how much time. And the fact that we won't have a Studio Ghibli movie for a while, is only one of the reasons why everyone should watch this film.

The movie follows young Anna, a girl who lives with her foster parents in Sapporo, as she's sent away for the summer to recover from a really bad asthma attack. So she now has to stay in Kushiro, a seaside town where she doesn't know anyone, but that's not a problem considering she's quite an introvert. One day, Anna sees an old abandoned house across a seaside marsh and, somehow, it seems familiar. That's when she starts having visions of a little blond girl called Marnie, who soon becomes her friend, but is also filled with mystery.
The animation in this film is breathtaking! Not only every shot in this movie looks like a masterpiece, but the heartbreaking story that we get to see in When Marnie Was There will leave many of you in tears. So anyone who loves animated features should give this a shot, not only because this movie is beautiful in more than one way and makes people learn that friendship can help through tough times, but also because we should support Studio Ghibli for the incredible films they keep giving us.
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