Andrew Garfield Wants to Play Harry Styles in a Movie?

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If a movie about Harry Styles' life ever makes it to the big screen (srsly, how awesome would that be?), he definitely has an A-list celeb who wants to play the role.

Fellow man-bun bro Andrew Garfield said he'd gladly play the role of the One Direction singer - you know, since he's got the hair for it now and everything. We'd happily pony up our hard earned bucks for a seat to that movie, tyvm.

Andrew told MTV recently: "I'm petitioning. I'm campaigning, subliminally. Just, like... is his life full and rich enough to have a biopic done about it yet? It's time. He's what, 21? It's time. You've got me."

Turns out, unlike Harry, Andrew isn't all that into the long hair thing and the necessity of a man bun.

He explained, "I hate [the bun]. I absolutely hate it. Hair is hair, it's fine - I don't have anything against hair specifically. It's more the furor that surrounds's stupid."

Andrew explained that he grew it out for a film but is holding back on a cut "because I'm scared the next film I do, I have to have a certain haircut."

He added, "Stop pressuring me!"

Oh the pressure.
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