Should You Stop Shaving Down There?

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There's no doubt there's been a welcome shift in the way that society is viewing the female body this year. Between the #FreeTheNipple movement and people like Amy Schumer naming 2015 the Year of the Ass, there's been some major steps forward in body positivity and self-confidence. Yass, kween.

With all these strides being taken toward embracing your natural self, it got us thinking about another sensitive topic: pubic hair. For years we've been shaving, waxing or lasering a lot down there. But is that still the norm? We asked Christi Alldredge, Senior Laser Technician at Spruce and Bond, what's trending today with hair on your hooha.

"Pubic hair is definitely in!" Christi says. "Up until this past year, more women were removing all of their hair. Now it seems like a more natural look is being embraced."

Growing a bush also has some benefits as well, as reported by the HuffPo: It reduces friction under your clothes and during sex, keep out bacteria and traps pheromones (the chemicals your body produces to attract bae).

So, if you're on board...what should you ask for when you go into the waxing room?

"Most ladies are opting for a Brazilian wax with more hair left behind. To clarify, this means removing all of the hair besides a more natural triangle shape on top," she says. "It all comes down to your own personal preference. Do whatever is going to make you feel the most comfortable and confident!"

We agree. If you like being perfectly groomed then don't stop! But it's liberating to know that rocking a more natural look is totally cool—and empowering.

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