Ansel Elgort Signs Record Deal as DJ Ansolo

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Ansel Elgort is making major moves...which is why he is bae.

The 21-year-old star not only is killing the acting game, but he also just signed a record deal with Island Records as his alter ego DJ Ansolo, according to Rolling Stone. The move comes after Ansel started making a name for himself as a DJ last year, spinning at music festivals, releasing several remixes through Size Records and posting it all on his Ansolo Instagram page (a must follow).

"I went to a few different labels and was playing everyone my music, and Island was really interested in stuff I didn't think labels would be interested in," he told the mag about the process of signing with a label. "I played them some tracks and said, 'These are more poppy. These are more clubby. These are more radio-friendly.' The ones that were more radio-friendly, they were like, 'No, we've heard this before. We want the different ones. We want the special records.' I was like, 'Major labels aren't supposed to like these records!' I thought the point of a major label was to just release crap! But Island totally proved that wrong and was like, 'We want the best record that all the kids at the dance-music festivals are going to love.'" And they signed the deal.

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When he was asked how he hopes to see his DJ career progress along with his acting, Ansel said, "My goal is just to make the records. My goal is to make the records that people know and people love that will last for more than a year. I want people to say, "Oh, wow, that Ansolo record... remember that one from five years ago? That one's sick."

"The big thing is that I make the right, great record that people say, 'Yeah, he's not just an actor making music, and he's not just a musician,' he continued. 'He's someone who can make really magical things.' That's who I want to be as an artist."

Considering he's already landed a record deal and knows how to produce hot tracks, it's safe to say he's on his way. And hopefully, he won't give up acting completely as he continues to pursue his DJ career. Call us selfish, but we can't get enough of that face on the big screen.


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