Kendall Jenner Shows That She Can Rock Short Hair Just Like Her Mom

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Not everyone can pull off super short hair - trust us, we've tried! But Kris Jenner absolutely kills it with her signature short hair and Kendall Jenner just teased us with a similar look showing that she could totally rock it, too!

In this behind-the-scenes shot from Kendall's Vogue Brazil shoot, Kendall is wearing minimal makeup and a super short wig and she's totally workin' it.

Kim Kardashian visited Kenny on set during the New York shoot and couldn't resist snapping a selfie with her (temporarily) short-haired sis.

A few weeks ago, Kendall teased us with this pic of herself with blonde hair, which actually looked pretty convincing.

She also threw everyone for a loop a couple of months ago when she and fellow model Lily Donaldson essentially swapped hairstyles at a Fendi shoot. That's Kendall on the right, believe it or not.

The Jenner sisters definitely love switching up their style with wigs, but most recently, Kylie Jenner decided to take the plunge and change her hair for real. A few days after wearing a blonde wig at her 18th birthday party, Kylie lightened her real locks and we have to say, it looks really good on her!
We kinda hope Kendall doesn't change her hair too drastically, though, because then she wouldn't be able to do this anymore.

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