This Girl Got Sent Home From School Because of Her Hair

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We've seen a lot of crazy things people have been dress-coded for, but a haircut?! How is your hair even subject to the dress code rules? And if it is, what would be considered a violation because now we're starting to worry that one of our bad hair days will get us sent home from school!

Obviously, the rules vary from school to school, but in 13-year-old Lauren Mcdowell's case, she was sent home over the hairstyle she chose - a half-shaved look with (some pretty bada**) leopard spots on the side.

"I walked into school and the teacher told me to go to the office, so I went...and then they told me that I had to go home because my hair was inappropriate for school," she recalled. "It isn't right because I should be able to wear the hair I want because it doesn't affect my education."
Her mom said she feels like it's discrimination and a breach of her human rights. "She loves school. She is not a bad pupil. She works hard. What has her hair got to do with her education?" she said to Metro UK.

The head teacher at the school told the site that the school has a very strict uniform policy that states, "extreme haircuts, including hair color are not allowed."

Eventually, Lauren covered the leopard part with a bandana and back to school she went. And then....back home she was sent! The school wasn't feeling the bandana, either. According to her mom, Lauren was told she could either go into isolation and not interact with the other kids or go back home.

That IS her haircut, though, so what is she supposed to do, stay home until it grows back?! If it violated the school dress code, fine, but doesn't covering it (for school) sort of solve that problem? Guess not.

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