Don't Try to Tell This Little Girl That She Doesn't Have a Boyfriend

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We're gonna go ahead and say that Kennedy might just want to set her relationship status to "It's Complicated" for the time being.

"Kennedy came home last night and told her daddy she has a boyfriend and he told her she couldn't have one so she started crying!" her mom captioned this adorable video on Facebook, which has already been viewed almost 9 million times. "I had to video this! I'm sure this is the first of many arguments over boyfriends but we didn't expect the first one to be at 2!"

Before you get too mad at Dad, though, it is worth noting that Jared isn't just some boy she met on the playground (which Dad might have been opposed to, too). He's actually in college...sooooo that presents another obstacle in this little girl's would-be love story.

"Jared is her uncle's roommate," her mom laughed as she told ABC News. "He plays football in college, so we went to the game with my brother and she saw him there, so she informed us that he was he boyfriend. We thought it was so funny."

Aw! She has a cute little crush on him! Unfortunately for Kennedy, she apparently can't crush too hard on anybody until she's 50, which pretty much every daughter has heard from their dads! Don't worry, Kennedy, if you bargain hard enough, you can usually get them down a little! Not to two years old, but there IS a middle ground somewhere in there!
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