Where Do the Kardashians Get Those Awesome Salads They're Always Eating?

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Given that the Keeping Up With The Kardashians cameras can be rolling up to 12 hours a day, they're going to catch the girls eating a lot of meals, and they do.

While we often don't notice whatever they're eating, there is one particular item that has definitely gotten our attention - and we want a piece of that action.

If you're a big KUWTK fan, you probably already know what we're talking about. The salads. We know, we know, salads are the epitome of boring health food, but NOT these salads.

First of all, they're huge. If we're going to be eating something that has a 5% chance of filling us up, we need to eat a ton of it and there aren't many places that make big salads, especially if the salad is going to be your meal.

Too many times, we've asked at a restaurant if the salads are big and the waiter SWEARS that they are. When it arrives, it's side salad status, if that.

The next reason we're obsessed with the KUWTK salads is because they're loaded with delicious-looking stuff. We don't even know what all of it is, but we've seen chicken, cheese and avocado and that's more than enough to sell us.

So, where do they get these insanely awesome salads? We actually just assumed that they were made by a private chef because a salad that big and delicious certainly isn't served at any restaurant we've been to! Turns out, we've just been going to the wrong places. After enough people asked the famous fam where they got their grub from, Kim shared the answer on Twitter. For what it's worth, the restaurant's Chef Salad has sliced turkey breast, shredded mozzarella, tomatoes, sprouts, sunflower seeds and you can swap the turkey for chicken and avocado is optional, for an extra $1.50, but we wouldn't even care. Avocado is always extra and no matter how tight our budget happens to look like ATM, we're still just like...



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