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Diane Von Fürstenberg Reveals the Power of her Infamous Wrap Dress

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"Call me crazy, but we're doing it all over again," says fashion designer and icon, Diane Von Fürstenberg in the second season promo for her hit show House of DVF. After watching the trailer, all I can say is, "WOW!" and "Who would ever leave Vogue?"

rihanna-saying-are-you-kidding-me_zpsc0ef4bd8.gifI was able to submit a question (via Cambio's Kristin McNamara) at this week's AOL BUILD, and Diane was able to put my insecurities to rest about wearing that wrap dress I have hanging in my closet. When a woman who single-handedly changes the way women dress speaks, well, you listen.

And why wouldn't I?

Diane is currently president of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and is a huge advocate for diversity down the runway. She sits in her chair with a relaxed authority as everyone in the audience hangs onto her every word. She answers the questions unapologetically and honestly, a welcome rarity in an interview setting like AOL BUILD. Diane will always tell like it is as she simply states, "You gotta be hard-working because otherwise you'll never make it." Diane's candid comments are what make me trust her more than any other high-profile person. I trust her to the point that I believe her when she says DVF is your friend you reach for in your closet on the morning you need to tackle life.
truth gifDiane is also extremely humane. Her demeanor is serious about business, but she is always about treating those around her with a great deal of respect.

"I'm actually very accommodating...I trust people," she says. While she says there is "no recipe for saying in business," she presents an understanding of what women want to keep shopping for and the confidence they need going out into the world.

When asked my question "What power does a wrap dress give a woman?", she answered:

"It's a dress that's sexy enough that you get the guy in, but his mother won't mind."

Thanks to Diane, I'll never be afraid to admit that I feel better when I'm in clothes that I feel strong enough to take on the world in. She's created an empire that's about giving women confidence.
Diane's clothes can provide the confidence, but she's all about work ethic and pushing those around her to achieve greatness. She even thinks women can have it all just as long as they are prepared to work for it and an advocate for going for it.

"It's extremely exhausting, but we have no choice. I think It's important to have kids and a family, and I think it's important to have an identity outside of the home."

In 2015, I am proud to say that women are taking over and have been for a while (Serena Williams, Sheryl Sandberg, Beyonce, Hillary Clinton just to name a few), but Diane has been a pioneer for us all along.
AOL BUILD Speaker Series: "House Of DVF"Donna Freydkin said it best: "This woman is the bomb."

I couldn't agree more.

Watch House of DVF on E! Sundays at 9/8c.

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